Alpha 2.0

Thanks to every one for supporting saiko no sutoka and happy xmas hope those that waited long for this update should find this update fun and entertaining. they are many more things to come in saiko no sutoka and hopefully be much faster in terms of new updates due to the new core changes are set below are the changes i mentioned.

Alpha 2.0 Changes.

Major changes:
Entire school is redone with new layout and rooms.
Saiko AI is overhauled to have double personalities now.
Yandere state : Saiko wont use her knife to hurt player but will stop player form making any atempt to escape she can also give player health bottles but becareful her plans might be some thing else.
Yangire state : In this state saiko is relentless and a killing machine she will not spare any chance to hurt player and is faster and much more dangerous she can switch to this form from yandere if she cant player for long or she gets angry.
Yangire weakened state : this state is basically permanent yangire mode where after 10 minutes saiko will be permanently yhangire and is slower in speed but can one shot player if get caught.

Minor changes:
Improvement to saiko AI so that she can detect sounds and accurately go to the said location and fixed some of her behaviours where she would outright ignore player in midchase.
Added a power room puzzle so you have to do that before opening power.
Saiko now can give healthbottles which has a chance to be either drugged or poison in order to get rid of the effect player needs to take antidote.
Added infirmary room where antidote and healthpack will spawn.
Added 1 bad ending to the game can be triggered if saiko manages to catch you if you have the exit key or you are about to escape so watch your back.
New difficulty UI layout to show upcoming modes for saiko no sutoka.
All the new rooms in the school can be utilized by saiko for her old and new behaviours.
Saiko yandere state can lock player in the room and player needs to find key to escape. 
Saiko will now get out after 60 seconds from any of her waiting for player states such ambush, waiting in power room or lock you inside the room.
Some new saiko runing and walking animation.
Added Q and E event to saiko choking behaviour so it now avoid getting caught but player can make saiko angry and will result in her getting switched to yangire.
Saiko also can micro switch to yangire after certain amount of player progress she will single hit player randomly but actually didnt meant to and she will quickly go back to yandere state.

Bug fixes : 
Lots of old bugs such as saiko getting stuck behind desks are fixed.
some times player not playing animation when saiko tries to push player down or atempt to choke has been fixed.
saiko breaking glass some times act strange and doesnt break glass on the correct door is fixed.


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Dec 22, 2020

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Very good game, i love it, btw, if you need some help with the French localization i'm here for ya (5 Stars)

When will you update the android version on google play store :(

С каждой версией игра становится всё лучше и интереснее! Спасибо разработчикам!

Can we please have "Practice mode" back in the future updates? I'd like to see her eomotions and behaviour of AI, as probably most of players. (if it's possible of course).

The game looks amazing!

very good game I loved it congratulations amazing game

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"

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Helpful Tips for Normal/Hard Mode:

-It's possible to avoid getting slashed by Saiko in her "happy mode" as you gain progress by not looking at her (at least for too long).

-Likewise, it's also possible to avoid getting your keys stolen while keeping her "happy" by not looking at her and pressing the sprint button in short spurts, which will give a small distance between you and her.

-Let her choke you out and lock you in a room, as this gives some time to check rooms without worry of being attacked.

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Well, bug report. When Saiko strangle your neck from behind, you can back to wall and shake sight,  then Saiko will stuck into wall. 

In this Situation Saiko can't move, but she can attack and the bad ending  also can be triggered. It usually happened in stairwell.


dose this have virus


it does not

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I have this latest version but I do not see easy or practice mode can someone help? I really want to try easy before I go normal. 

For the moment there isn't an easy mode, if you want to train I'd recommend you look for her and try to escape her so you could learn how she behaves.

Oh okay thanks

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i played with her more than 10 minuts with hide and seek and didint make progress more than 10%

she only get mad when i pick keys,  hurt me with knife then she fix me up with bottle of pills and in my suprise i didint be poisoned or drugged xd
best dating ever

PS- i really love the new school and her new behavior

EDIT - i think getting her own sanity level depends of our action will be pleased - when we make action that she is not pleased she will try kill us but when we are trying to being friedly to her behaviour could be much friedly - so we can pick two routes and try to escape ;p


I would like to see the ending like in Far cry 4-5

Just wait for her return, new dialogues, and so on.

Also, so that she could somehow be brought out of the state of a weakened yangire without damage.

Also, a little interactive with tea, if she is following you and you are drinking tea from the cafeteria, you asked whether it was tasty or not.
And so that she would be less angry and more fun at lower difficulty levels, new dialogues about this and that.

Also, if the player looks at her for too long she would ask about something to show why she wants us to stay.

And add sound when transforming into full yangira, and other animation of gait, or new dialogues

Thanks for this game, it's awesome.)

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I agree about that in the future there should be a scene or event if you wait for her at the start in the office, I think the yandere should start in yandere mode and make a B line from her starting point to the office, only changing her path if she hears a noise, but if she makes it to the office, and you're not there she has a reaction and switches to yandire mode, and the player can hear this no matter where they are on the map.

I think it'd be a really nice touch to start the game tbh, having two options that effect how the game starts. You'd also have a feeling of needing to escape quickly or hiding when she comes back, and I'd like that.

I also like the idea of adding a sound when she changes phase from yandere, to yangire, or even perma yangire, that way the player understands the situation.

I agree that would be a cool ending like if you wait for like 5 minutes or so she returns and you get the "Together Forever" ending or something like that.

In yandere mode, it can kill a player with one hit

Connected with switching in yangir, and a closed door

that's how I died lmao

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Good job, it feels more balanced, just gonna report some little bugs:
-Sometimes when she's passing to yandere mode (when she's sorry) she'll attack one time then she'll repeat herself. She did that 2times in a row one time, giving me pills between the stabs.
-On the yangire gamemode's model, she has an opened mouth (don't know if it's intentional)
-When I finished the game she was in the weakened yangire mode and it was still active on the main menu and the difficulty setting (reset when you start a new game, same as before don't know if it's intentional)
-Again when I finished on the good ending I could see the model of Saiko in the corridor.
-She clips through the corner where the wall is a bit thicker (like around the stairs)
-Her Yandere phase might be a little too nice, I could literally search the whole school and put the lights on, she wouldn't get mad, she only did when I ran far away, sometimes when picked up a key and some others when I wouldn't give it to her.

That's all for now, still a great improvement

Edit: I just remembered that I never saw the infirmary's key.

Edit2: I have some little suggestions: (they're just suggestions, you might prefer it the way it is now)
-For the bookshelves in the library, you make them without the board in the back, so we could see through them.
-The blood in the could be a little shine to catch the eye or have the key shine a bit from the bottom.
-You could make the infirmary key bloody, since it was in blood.

Edit3: Now that I think about it, in the classrooms when I get a key, she didn't stand behind the desks or waited at the door for me to give it to her, is it gone?

infirmary keys spawn inside one of those bloody sinks in the halls you might have seen some bloody scenes while moving along the hallways they are interactible and contains the key.

Alright, I never thought of looking inside those, thanks. ^^

hola buenas tardes señor habupain quiero informar que su juego saiko no sutoka es muy pero muy bueno es lo mejor pero lastimosamente yo juego en Android y desearía si tiene el tiempo que pudiera actualizar el juego en Android igual a la de PC muchas gracias es un súper juego hasta luego y perdón las molestias

The yangire model with open mouth is intentional


2.0.1 fixes.
1 : reduced saiko full running speed and time for her to get that speed.
2 : added 4 new hiding spot on the previously unaccessible understairways hiding spots.
3 : made changes to saiko weakened state so it wont trigger randomly and even if she goes weakened in her yandere state she wont harm and a new animation when she will going to switch to weakened yangire state.
4 : change normal mode to hard mode and easy mode to normal mode.
5 : made changes to saiko shoes negative effect.
6 : fixes bunch of issues with keys unable to pick up or can be picked up but they are wrong key id.
7 : made the power room switch unable to open and close instead gives message that you need to solve the circuit below.
8 : fixed issue where saiko can be shaiken and dropped behind the locked room.
9 : some collisions are fixed that were causing saiko to be out of the map.
10 : increased timer delay for her choking so she wont keep doing that more often.

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That's a great update, I like the new ai (even if she's even more violent than before).
I found a little bug when she's chasing you around a corner, she will pass through it almost a meter before the corner, don't know if it's just me. Also on Easy mode, the character starts without shoes but isn't harmed by the glass, sometimes they magically appear on him.(still didn't figure why it does that)
As someone else pointed, the lack of ways to break the line of sight makes the game terribly difficult, but I really like what you've done on the new layout.

I'm looking forward to the new game modes, keep up the good work. ^^

Edit: I don't know if it's just me, but I still find games where I can't get the keys for the last 2doors, Is it possible that their keys spawn within each other?

Yes I've been waiting for a long time for this I havent played it yet I've heard that "hard" mode is impossible this time so I cant wait to give it a try. Keep it up dev

(7 edits) (+2)

Great update, I really love the split personality, it's also interesting to have a friendly yandere following you around, but watching out for her flip to yangire, you can only keep her nice for so long until she eventually switches to yangire. I really like the direction you're taking the game.

I do have a few suggestions though.

1. Now that players can interact with the yandere, it needs to be clearer to the player what phase she is, being intantly killed by her because I hoped that by taking a few hits would return her to yandere, is frustrating, so some distinction between her yangire phases is needed. Essentially, I think her abilities to instantly kill the player should remain under her permanent yangire state and it should be obvious to the player when she's in this state.

2. The new map is more interesting than the old one, but its layout is not really balanced well for the player, there's lots of long corridors, with little to no LOS blockers, and given the yanderes insane speed and ability to jump on your back the moment you turn your back too her, there's not really any way to to sneak around the map, or escape a chase,  lockers aren't too useful either as her hearing is so acute and they're loud af. You can't really hide, and you can't really evade her in a chase either, so because of that the new map is less enjoyable to play on.
The player needs hints where she's located, such as footsteps, and only able to hear her talking when she's nearby, or on the same floor as you. On the harder difficulty she could be without shoes and only talks when she's talking to you or suspects the player is nearby because of a noise or something,

3.  The player should have more ways to access the camera's, but using the camera's should also have the risk of alerting her that you're watching, as camera's in game could have a red light that switches on when someone is watching, this in turn could let the player know when the yandere is using them to try and find the player, to which, if she thinks the player noticed the camera being on, she could use a microphone to talk to the player saying: "I know where you are" or something.

4. Players should have more lockers and places to hide in, and keys should not spawn in them, they should be there only for hiding or escaping the yandere.

5. I think it might be interesting if in time a trust mechanic could be introduced, and the trust level can determine what kind of end the player gets if caught by her. For example, in her yandere phase the player could make requests which would allow the player to hide/escape, but if the player doesn't hide then she trusts him a little more, and she could be the one to make requests in her yangire state, if the player does what she ask that in turn would also influence her trust. In other words, her trust level will determine her final personality when the player is on the verge of escaping, and that might make for an interesting dynamic, and perhaps the AI can have unique advantages depending on what personality she gets in the end game.

All in all, great update, and I love the direction it's going, it just needs some polish.
If this game continues to grow in popularity, I think it might be worth considering a  VN prequel which can explain the events of the game.

I did come across a bug though, you cannot pick up the cafeteria key when the yandere locks you in, it's a good thing she let me out after a few minutes...

p.s Ngl, the sleeping yandere was too cute, almost made me not want to escape.
Awesome new event, hope we see more interactions with her in the future.
Keep up the good work!

(2 edits)

Small bug I found. She was able to push me out of the map from the corner of the storage room. I assume that she didn't attack because I was cornered but it made me unable to move out of the corner. After a couple of loops, I was pushed through the wall. Fell through the ground after walking around a little bit. (Edit2: Was able to do it again and walk to the front of the school without falling. Surprisingly, she seemed to track me the entire time, or at least most of the time.)

Edit: After playing a little while longer, I found two more. The first was that I was unable to pick up the cafeteria key after she locked me in the room. The second was that I was stuck in her stabbing animation and died a prolonged death via stabbing. (Edit2: This only seems to happen after escaping the office when getting caught. If it is intentional, I think the instant kill would be better because of how long it takes to actually kill the player. ) 

Her speed is also a little crazy when she is in pursuit. It is so hard to get away from her, especially when she can pretty much sit right on your back when you are running away. It seems that you need to get lucky if you want to get away from her. 

I think that having an easier way to access the cameras may help with hiding, provided you can get away from her. The placement of the cameras in the previous map was fairly useful because you could use them to determine if she was around the corner. However, if you are able to see the cameras on this map, she is almost certainly able to see you. It almost makes them pointless.

The combination of the ai and the map has certainly given me a few reasons to jump and the game is coming along well. I am excited to see what will come in the future.


Wonderful ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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