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Saiko No Sutoka is a Horror Survival Game where you as a Protagonist must escape and avoid the crazy yandere girl who wants you dead.

The Antagonist, Saiko Chan is a psycho Serial Killer. She’s a very unique Yandere type. She loves to play with you before she has a chance to kill you.

Let’s play our game now!

#SaikoNoSutoka #ホラゲー #ヤンデレ

Development Status: IN-PROGRESS

The game is initial Alpha 2 and much is left to be done.

[OLD VERSION] Alpha v2.0 is still free to download .

[NEW VERSION] Updated to Alpha v2.1 (4$).


Please leave feedback or if any bug is found.

Thanks for your recent support and the feedback. We highly appreciate that!
Also thanks to all of you guys who made nice fanarts!

Support us on:

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/habupain

Follow us on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaikoNoSutoka
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaikoNoSutoka
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saikonosutoka/
YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/c/SAIKONOSUTOKA
Discord Server : https://discord.gg/7V3pusP (Please ask us, if this link already expired)


~Steam download link~


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Saikonosutoka_2.1.2_LINUX.zip 267 MB
Saikonosutoka_2.1.2_MAC.zip 259 MB
Saikonosutoka_2.2.8_WINDOWS.zip 508 MB

Also available on

Download demo

Saikonosutoka_2.0_OLD.zip 220 MB
Saikonosutoka_2.0_linux_OLD.zip 232 MB
Saikonosutoka_2.0_mac_OLD.zip 224 MB

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Alpha 1.7 gameplay 

Here the gameplay but in First Beta Version 

you mean alpha?

Here is the full gameplay so fun and also *I LIKE YANDERE GIRL OH MYYYY


The Game sucks and the devs too. Stealing stuff from others and sell it on steam. The devs are just childish for not saying the truth

then you tell me the truth

Hi habupain I counted you under the comment to tell you I came up with an idea about the video game saiko no sotuka you want to make a new update where you add a lift in the school where it takes us to all the floors that we want, like it can take us to the garage where we can escape with a 'car another example we can go to the 10th floor where the garden is do it this update please I love you very much saiko no sotuka

Then why are you not updating saiko no sotuka for android please send us a new update

he is not the real habupain

If you can not back up your words or so and this is a lie, grow up with your jellyness of not able to make a game.

Say this dev is childish? at least they are not someone like Dani who is an actual man child - this dev actually works and make a game that is good and worth playing.

But hey if this can be show the dev "stole" it come let us see or is it all bark and no talk ;?

part 1 was possibly the most fun i had on this game i think she's  into me though 😉😂

This game is great but the jumpscares got me jumping out the chair lol

A NEW MOD!!!! (Gameplay in spanish 😂) 

very cool game

A message from MCA Horror:

I beat your stupid game(Kidding... I had a blast until it broke me.)

2 endings in one video was hard and challenging but I had a blast!

Hi, when will the Android update be available?

Lolimancer here! The new update is really cool, really loved the introduction of cinematics! New ways to beat the game are a great implementation that you added in. Can't wait for NIGHTMARE to release!
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Another message from MCA Horror

Still loving the game, she crazier and more creepy(which I love). Anyway here is my playthrough of the game though...

i love Saiko No Sutoka is a great Horror game You shut play it.

i have make a lot of video on  Saiko No Sutoka on youtube if you want to have a look - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7ceGPSXqY7NsusbK37zHvMMmGWERMFJm (Love you work Saiko No Sutoka dev's)

Sense 2020 or may sense Alphs 1.2 i have been playing this game, but all the times i played this game i always get my self killed, because i love being killed my her, and sense 2020 i have been making videos of this game and trying to become the King of said game but it looks like this game is getting harder so i have to go X on this game but not now, soon

My First Video On Saiko No Sutoka.

Can't wait for Nightmare Mode! 

habupain tem que arrumar a saiko no sutoka ta dificil pra mim passar

So just out of curiosity when I first played this yesterday I went for the best ending route and she told me half the code then she said KILL them proceeds to kill me is this a new mechanic or is my game broke?

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SOOO this is my 3rd time playing this game! (this still scares the beezeeses outta me! o_o) and I FINALLY got an ending XD! I really enjoyed playing thru it, and I'm so amazed by Saiko's behaviour pattern :O! 

Here's my experience of it :D! Gameplay starts at 1:45 :3

eai galera, faço uns videos de gameplays com meme, de uma checada ae, talvez vc de umas risadas. obrigado tropa

can you send me the keys I paid 


Here you go legend!



can you send me the keys bc I can’t play it

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I'm back, again i do even remember how many videos i made on this game(i love this game) but i'm still trying to be the king of saiko no sotuka soo enjoy the video(my first video was in 2020)

I saw a lot of horror game youtubers play this game. So I tried it. 

This game's sound design is really amazing. And I like the fact that this game has different endings. Holy crap! this is so scary



Hi everyone I wanted to tell you something who are the developers of the videogame saiko no sotuka?

Deleted 44 days ago
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Habupain, Imaginationclash for the art, models, Crovo, I dont know more people.

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O descrasa cadê atualização no Android??😡😡

when will 2.2.8 come out on mac 😭!



I tried to get further in this game, but I swear the game keeps getting scarier the more you play it o_o

Idk how i'm  supposed to play harder modes, but goodness this is such a good game xD!

Here's my experience of playing it for a second time :3!

Loved the game and that's coming from someone who doesn't like hiding. Maybe its the scary being chased vibe or the psycho gf, but looking forward to trying to finish all difficulty levels...or maybe just settling down with Yandere Waifu

how about two versions of each ending since you have the calm state you could make two versions of each ending 1 where you show the young yandere respect and stay near her and sorta protect her from her demons per say

the other is disrespect where you always run away you hit her eta

the diffirence would be based on how yandere acts for example in the yangire ending where the two split you apart if you try and be nice to them basicly always in vision never out of it for to long they yandere will spare you this fate to instead capture you and leave you in their basement 

basicly kinder endings based on if your a dick or not

Hi can you give me your email I have to tell you something about the saiko no sotuka video game

Hi developers I wanted to tell you want to make a new update on the yangire mode of the video game saiko no sotuka where you put that the enemy saiko Chan can do the fatality as they are on mortal combat

Deleted 69 days ago

Then add that in the game of saiko no sotuka we can make fun of the enemy type add that we can insult the enemy saiko Chan and we can give him the middle finger😂😂😂

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32 bits version


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Bro, I wish this was Free :(

Deleted 72 days ago

I'm not sure there are no viruses there. Free cheese is only in a mousetrap, as they say


yall got balls to be doing this in the comments of the game lmao


Of Course, HaHaHa... He/She Didn't Even Notice That I Gave That Link But I Guess It's Already  My Time To Delete That Comment



i can,t bye it sucker

Wrongs keys.

this game is scary as heck but its really good i keep screaming cuz its scary haha (* ̄3 ̄)╭


damnit u have to pay for it now!

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