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i remeber when the game was free :c

I love this game honestly, the replay value is incredibly high and the atmosphere is just right. Can’t wait for nightmare mode. 

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Hello, my pc recently needed to be completely wiped and i lost all of the older versions of the game from before 2.0 and i would like to revisit them, would you please reupload them back on the site or send me the files, Please and thank you.

If I remember correctly, a lot of the previous versions can be found on the discord server. I recommend checking it out.


add multiplayer/coop for this masterpiece

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I'm not aware of the issues on Discord, but that doesn't sound far-fetched considering the hellhole this discussion board is. Does no one critique this game? A game you like and care about is a game you want to be good. So, critiquing within reason is good.

Anyways, how is the developer himself in terms of interaction with the community? I talked to him on Discord months back and he seemed fine. That was through private messages. I was giving him some critique like the excessive bloom and he wasn't a bitch about it.

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Banned for the following reason: Received 3 warns in quick succession in a very short timeframe.

Both you and Leo were warned 1 time to stop by a mod yet YOU KEPT GOING.

Violated rule 1 2 times! plus rule 16 = 3 warns = Ban

Also username314271 People generally use the discord server about the game. 

Are u gonna release 2.2.8 for Macbook soon? also gud game :)

please add online coop to this very cool masterpiece!

求saiko no sutoka的steam key

wow Cool!!


whats up guys i'm back again, i was out for 2 mouths so i had no time to play sns but now i have time and i had fun playing sns again(if u don't know me then its ok )

the game is very suspenseful and fun and I even got scared by it I recommend this game to anyone who wants to try a survival horror with a twist, here’s my video on it along with commentary enjoy!

Hello, could someone tell me when the update for android arrives?? please 🙏😭

I once heard that it will update when Habupain finishes updating the game for PC, aka when the final version arrives, so sadly, you need to wait a lot more.

Thank you very much for your attention! Because I thought he had given up on the Android version, this news from you made me more relaxed


No problem.

Wooooo! It took so long to playthrough the game and get all of the endings, just Yangire mode was a nightmare, I had to find a way to sort of cheat in my own way. Being a coward and attempting to locker hop, she just kept stabbing me. Not sure how to complete Extreme Yangire mode, I just died a lot faster. 

Looking forward to the next update, can’t wait for another challenge and the many more deaths I will undoubtedly face.

The author, how do you like this idea. In order to open nightmare mode. First you need to go through the normal or difficult for the ending of the diary. It would be cool.

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Watching a friend play this game and reading up on this site about it has given me a new respect for this game. The AI for the enemy is absolutely amazing in my eyes! 

I thought it over and, because of how this enemy works, it's almost as if it were an actual player! I wanted to see if I could put a suggestion in about making a multiplayer mode for two people? Someone plays as the yandere and another plays as the survivor?  


Otro video XDD
Espero nuevas updates enserio el juego es buenisimo me gusto bastante


Standing Here, i realize, to step on glass, it has to be this wa-

No, I dont want your medicine, i want you a freaking therapist and maybe a cell we can share, i can frame myself, just stop stepping on glass already

No, you dont have to stab me to take the diary, i dont want the code, jus-


You know why i allways pick rock? because at some point your knife is gon'na lose its edge and i wont be a sharp flint if you want to put me a ring

See? even you agree, i am winning for the fifth time already!

Good start to playing some survival horror! 

i love this game so much I still play it a lot it’s one of my favorite games and I can honestly say that I think that habupain did a great job with the game so far.

Now bear with me i havent seen played all endings but from what i saw so far i woldent mind one where she wins in the sense he accets her but that might be too corny idk i just wanna see it

This is an amazing scary game  love it 

Como me asusté XDD lo amé es un video un poquito viejito pero es buenaaaaardo 


oh, hey guys it's me again back with another video for you to watch, sorry for the bad audio in this one but i hope you will love the video, the art was made by yours truly

lastima la ultima version q salio no esta gratis pero el juego  es buenardo

lo unico malo del juego es que el español parece traducio por el traductor de google, y en algunas partes ni siqiera esta traducido

Saiko No Sutoka's NEW rival😱 The BEST Fan Made?😳 SUSCRIBETE PAPU, ES GRATIS!!!



very dissapointed i had buyed the actal app but then it needs me to pay again and after wards it says Saiko No Sutoka is not responding that is why i hate pc games they always make something like this even if i restart it or on a new program it still says it is not responding

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ran in to a bug when i was recording, it was kinda fun

\was recording this video, it was kinda fun
this is just an idea ok.
so the idea is as follows, you could make an option in the game 
where we can talk or interact with her,like an option where we 
can interact with her etc, like hugs, caress, other things you
can think of,for example, in that part when she locks us inside a 
room, there could be an option to ask us to open the door, or even 
the possibility of answering what she says,
it is also possible to create a game mode, where we can joke around 
etc, where we would have the ability to fight her, jump to make 
traps etc, or even a mutiplay mode where one controls her and the 
other the survivors.
if you are going to make several areas or even create an open 
world map or something, you could make choices etc.
are just some ideas even though I thought watching the gameplay 
alias in the game mode where you can fight it would be like, that 
the protagonist would have two personalities one that is him and 
the other one is us, where we can make speech choices etc, or even 
fight her, or make fun of her sadistic way.
alias i used google translator to translate this to english
sorry for the huge text ;-;

sorry for these stupid or weird ideas,  but a guy down there commented some good game improvement  ideas :D

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is saiko no sutoka android


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bruh why

because its a pc game?

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then where is android game

thats like asking is there a gmod mobile ( thats real ) it just doesnt exist

dont ask me where it is idk

Download language has English language but the game is in Indonesian. How I'm gonna change the language to English??? I'm from Indonesia XD

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Why didn't she cut her crushes friend Dick off? 

Edit: Family Friendly :/

This is easily one of my favorite horror games. I love how she stalks you, and then appears at random times, just to freak you out, it's amazing!

Hi, can you tell me when the new update for android comes out?

I keep getting this message app crash when I try to play the game. I already bought the game on Itch. io and steam both don’t work any ideas?


什么是运行时组件? 它运行得很糟糕,但在我升级处理器(cpu)和显卡之前仍然运行

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I actually thought yandere mode was gonna be much easier lol. Gonna try the hardest one next time.
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