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Well, I manage to get all the achievements on SnS no shiki (I still can't believe I did it). Fantastic experience Habupain! Thx for this game. Now the only thing I can do right now is to wait for new uptade to original game or maybe this, who knows? Once again thanks Habupain! You've done an amazing job!

Just wanted to let you know that someone stole your game and is charging for it

Fantastic update! Cant wait to see more


Dev is weird, bans anyone who has any constructive criticism about his game, deletes comments.


i hate buy 4.99$ hate you can free stupid scam


i've played this game every so often since release and i've discovered a glitch (even though it probably won't be patched out any time soon with the rate of updates lmao)

if the only keys left in the entire game are the infirmary key and the exit key (both of which are always in set positions) and a game of rock paper scissors is triggered, if you win, saiko's AI completely softlocks and she freezes

this was discovered on normal mode, i don't know if it's consistent with other modes


Could this game be released for PS5 and Xbox consoles?


After years i'm back with 2 fresh screenshots by me :D

I've been such a fan of your game for so long, over a year or so, joining your discord and all...

but it is only now that I have finally played it on a stream:

its been quiet some time since i came here

Es Cine...

I really wish I wasn't broke 😂

Amazing game, really scary
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If I remember correctly, this game is made with Unity. I've heard that Unity will be charging developers per install.


Does anyone know when will the next update be? and/or if the game is going to have a release at all? I've played everything in the latest version of 2.1.8 on windows and I cant wait for more..

wouldnt hold my breath on anymore updates. last thing i heard was almost 2 years ago. seems to be either abandoned or the dev is being quieter than a corpse on saying ANYTHING on this game.  =|

the dev is making a spinoff game for some reason instead of working on the nightmare mode


It's not even that nightmare mode should be the priority.

What I was hoping for is the constant updates in the AI for it to be smarter and more complex, so the gameplay could be even more engaging .

I also hoped for the development of AI, but in the end they left him as he was, forbade him to do a bunch of things, so he became like a stupid dummy, and his only reaction to the player’s unusual way of playing was the idiotically ridiculous “you’ll regret this” and instant aggression in response. Which completely killed all the desire to 'PLAY' with such AI. The author had already given up on the Yandere aesthetics for a long time, but after that he fell into some kind of unhealthy “Necrophilia”, and work on the main part of what was left of the game stopped completely.

yo what da freak


not much needed to say, enjoyable gameplay, great character designs, would reccomend playing

How does this relate to the horror version

I'm late to the party with playing  this game but I really enjoyed it! It was super hard tho so I would def look up a tutorial if you start to get lost! I hope the game gets updated soon!

jesus its really been almost 2 years since last update huh. guess the games dead?

This game made by Indonesian developer from West Java. I'm from Indonesia too.


Theres more bug in android ver. When i go outside from the first room it'll be killed instantly, and when i stay in the first room it'll be the same way. You dead....

i found a bug saiko chan walktroungh walls

and the athertiste tambien


Hello, you give me the horror game Saiko no Sutoka for free, my parents won't leave me the money, hacking it is a virus, but you give me free, with kisses. Jonathan

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This game is super cool but i have a question: when the nightmare mode is ready for release, will you release the update here too? Like are you going to release the update only on Steam or you will release it on too? If someone has a theory or knows something pls tell me ^^

from what iv seen both steam and itchio will be updated at the same time. 

I think the game has too many people from both and steam for it to only go to one. Plus the other reply


Me gusto mucho las mecánicas de esconderse y de conseguir los códigos un gran juego para pasar el rato osi osi :3


I  CAN  FIX HER just, give me a chance
Loved it! very scary but okay i guess that's the point of the game, so.. i found a bug that is wonderful for me cuz i never winned in this game it's really hard for me even in normal mode. so i tried to hide at first when you appear in the office room  in the locker and she found me and obviously she was really angry so i tried to calm her so she won't kill me and i got out of the school and it was like so weird but i liked it at the same time cuz she couldn't go outside with me and couldn't kill me like always she does hehe ✨ i hope it never gets fixed xd
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crearias otro juego asi de bueno como este


es hermoso

Hi i have little glitch on mobile version of saiko no sutoka .I have video but idk how to show you


my work but when i hiding in locker in library and saiko finds me and push me im magicly on other side of wall


I enjoyed this game! I didn't get very far lol because I was too busy trying to dodge her haha but I still enjoyed it!

Bonjour j'ai remarqué un défaut sur la plateforme Android  a propos de l'endurance, l'endurance ne s'épuise jamais alors que sur votre deuxième jeux saiko no sutoka no shiki l'endurance s'épuise si le joueur ne s'arrête pas de courir, pourriez vous faire une mise à jour  pour corriger ce défaut sur les plateformes Android svp.

Great game but the main problem I have is that the music is way too loud and ruins the immersion. it becomes impossible to listen for footsteps when the music is is the only thing I can hear. I would love for the to be an option to change the music volume. otherwise this is an amazing game!

Deleted post

I found this difficult but very fun!

Hello! I liked the game. But when I went into yandere mode 2 times and when Saiko saw the corpse, she stopped and did not even twitch, and the text was also stuck on two words :-) I hope you are already fixing this

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I still absolutely love this game but Yangire mode was absolutely insane in terms of difficulty. I really hope the dev returns with an absolute banger update, or maybe nightmare mode finally :) 


Wish the dev would work on the game and post devlogs instead of working on the halloween build from a year ago...


its really ruining this games momentum and potential lol. the teasers for the next update are over a year old now =/. the halloween spinoff  isnt even unique or good, especially compared to the original. zzZ

I had a great time playing, and I hope development is going well!

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