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This game manages to get scarier and better every time i play. I love it!c

will you give some hints about what next for saiko no sutoka? (sorry for the bad english im from argentina but i know some english and if its posible helping you in something for this awesome game you can tell me)

This was a very interesting game, and of course SCARY ASF!!! Needless to say I'm not familiar with yandere but I'm afraid I am no!!!


Fun little game and I loved everything about it, definitely gonna play more!!!

I adore this game! I'm super looking forward to the yandere mode, she looks adorable, and I'm a big scaredy baby so if she's more peaceful I'm totally for it, lol!

I hope you won't be making new versions for a long time. I really want to test new modes and opportunities.
I don't know much in English, so there are mistakes

You don't have to keep switching version if you don't want to lol.

will there be a 32 bit version of the game?


Loving this game.

bud, I hate the new update, no offense, I also suck at video games and can not beat hard mode. The locker thing is so weird

What do you hate about the update?

what happened to the mobile one when will they update it I'm just wondering


very epic game

420/69 ign certified

must play

full family friendly and no regrets!!1!11


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i got the bad ending its kinda easy to get you have to get out the room and just stay still even tho she has red eyes they will turn pinkish before she kills you fully she will give you medicine to make you feel dizzy she will also play just keep repeating and getting out the office

Who wouldn't love saiko no sutoka it's an amazing game.


jaja I loved the easter eggs although I did not understand what the crab and the lemonade mean .. about the mask hehe I did understand it ... this game does not stop surprising me, I look forward to the new update .. I leave a gameplay where I leave the Easter eggs and some animations that I had not seen in case someone wants to see it (this in Spanish with subtitles hehe greetings)

When the mobile update will come? The pc game is awesome of course, but the mobile game have some bugs and lags, i know is just the alpha but many peoples are requesting a new uptade, im sure than this game have a incrible future

⬇️A idea for players that may it works⬇️

when she gives you health then don't take it and finish the game

This game is very promising and I'm happy to see it making good progress.

I would like to report a... bug? Perhaps unintended behavior? You can get a desk between you and Saiko-chan to keep a reasonable distance between the two of you when you're "dating her". As such, if you're low on health, and she tries to offer you health, the AI will swiftly do its "running away checks" before you have the chance to remedy the situation, and immediately move to "I've been rejected" prompting a personality switch.

Maybe make her attempt to run around objects first, and only have her register as being "rejected" if the player physically moves away from her by reading player inputs rather than simply checking the distance.

I found something where saiko will stand in front of me in nice mode and not kill me and as long as I’m looking at her I can beat the game without complications. Intentional?



Perfect game, i absolutely love it.

Took me 2 hours of non-stop trying but I finally beat the game! It was fun, though a little too challenging. Did I find all the secrets and stuff? I liked the game quite a bit and will probably play it multiple times! I really hope this gets put on steam, I think it deserves it. I appreciated this game almost more than any other game on I would rate this game 7-8/10. Really good job!

Best horror game I've ever played, good job! 5/5


hi..... i keep thinking about this.... can you make the third ending where if you do not struggle from the chair and wait for her to come back to the room? 

I would assume that she might return nice, but should she slice you would not have an opportunity to struggle.


Всех русскоязычных прошу сюда :)

Hi! I really enjoy this game. I haven't been beating it yet, I'm still learning the mechanics of Saiko's AI. Despite this, her unpredictability is both fun and terrifying. I was wondering if more QoL changes will be added such as the ability to adjust the volume of certain sounds? My biggest complaint has to be the volume of the music compared to Saiko's voice and footsteps. The subtitles are great, it let's me know when she's speaking which makes me want to stay on my toes, but it's hard to hear how near she is to me with the loud music playing over everything. Anyway, thank you for this amazing game, and thank you for making it free! If this game ever gets on steam as a finished product, I'm buying it.


Imagine where you can just say: "aigh lets frick" and that's it roll credits


I donate for cool future game )) :D


I have attempted to purchase the game but was told my zip code failed to validate, however I was still charged and have not received my download links. I may be jumping the gun but I'm beginning to feel like I just go robbed. Is there an ETA on when I will be sent the links or am I simply out of luck? 


bro the games free just download it without buying i


Damn I must be stupid cause I can't download it. It tells me to pay before I get access to any of the links. I mean it was only $4 but I'm still a little hurt.


Ah nevermind I see what you mean. Ah well $4 sent to the developers never hurt I guess. Thanks for helping my dumbass


This game probably gives me the most scares tbh 😂 Today I'm back on this game, and Saiko seems like she's trying even harder to keep me here! Hope you enjoy the video! 

AHHHH, SH*T Fun game but really puts the creeps!

Maybe if i werne't so scared i'de keep the game!!! I told my friends so they might get feedback from here!

great game i hope this never get taken down, maybe i can find a bug or 2 i don't know!

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Saiko No Sutoka Alpha 2.0.1 (BUGS, GLITCHES, NEW KEY LOCATION)


finally some good fucking game!

keep it up l love your masterpeice!


Add Discord RPC
idk how this will be work but add it


hello bros, go through a gameplay in spanish that I recorded this great game I hope you like it

hola hippies les dejo un gameplay re copado q hice de este juegazo espero lo vean eh q esta re piola, felicitaciones pa los creadores pasen x mi juego de itch tambien q esta re bueno jj 


My second attempt to beat version 2.0! So much fun! I love it how you can discover all the new moves and behavior styles as you replay the game! Can't wait for the next update!

Update the mobile version please

I Played and I Rated it 10/10 :)

THIS GIRL IS A YANDERE!! Overall very fun and thrilling game!!

Love it, can't wait for more content and updates.


I'm back :P - here's a screenshot and a video about V2.0.1 (ALL ENDINGS) - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE

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