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Was There Anymore Endings


Hey there! From my experience this game played pretty well and was fun. Loved having an undead Yandere protecting me from another live Yandere XD. However, their are game breaking bugs such as an area at the 6:00 minute mark where you just fall off the map.


i record this video like 4 to 5 weeks ago and edited it the same day i recorded but i never had the time to upload it until now, i didn't even have the time to make a thumbnail, but the video is just me testing or checking out the game and i think o ran into bags well playing it if you read the video title then you will understand(i don't know when i'll make another video on this mode cuz my webcam is died now so......)

This was amazing please make a Christmas edition 

Always been fan of this series. Can't wait for more updates

loved it

Great Game Habupain! 

Found the android version the other day xD it was fun

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there was a lot of bugs, and I mean a lot.. saiko got stuck behind a tree, and rui kept trying to get her.. which kinda also bugged her out. :/ 
when one of the 2-4 times saiko got stabbed by rui, i couldnt feed her anything so i had to restart around 5 times. ... so i'm gonna watch a gameplay of this ^_^

Great Game!

Nice game !


Shes a PSYCHO!

Let's see. :)

Really fun game, had a lot of fun playing.

SOS Someone help me beat this game 


Teoria en español

Good spin-off can't wait to see more!

why does she look like toga from mha

(Bug fixes V1.02)


Didn't lose my hand over this one ;) 

Saiko!!! Need a way to bring Saiko back alive. She dies in normal mode and hard mode :'(.

I had fun playing this, but it felt like something was missing. I figured out what was missing though. . . . It was chase music and ambient music. I knew something was missing, lol. Anyways, good game hopefully you make another one I'll be happy to play!

I didn't play this originally, but it's fun and challenging!

It was fun returning to this game. This mode was 🔥🔥!

Great game! I like the graphics & simple objective. looking forward for your next project & enjoy my gameplay... :)


I love both the games you have made and the only reason why the video is bad is because I messed it up 

Sorry and great game 




Found some random bugs. but really cool concept! Keep going with the good work
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i am sorry but i thought it could be better, it is really buggy, the head of the yandere just desappeared randomly when i tried to put it on the neck again.

And in a game where you have to escape, the run limit is a really bad thing, in the full game you didn't put it and i could run forever, and you could put it also here because it ruins the game.

I really like your games and the ideas of it, so i hope i helped you with my comment :)


This game was very fun, and though because I went in blind like I did on the first video I ever made on the original game, I had no idea what to do therefor I lost horribly, lol. It is a pretty interesting concept though and hope to see it maybe get expanded upon, or updated more as I did run into a bug where the game soft locked after saiko started eating me.

The game is a little broken, doesn't have a lot of context to go off, but overall pretty fun!


I managed to get the good ending, wasn't sure if there was a bad one or not but I genuinely had a good time with this rendition. there was obviously a couple of bugs that i had happen but i still enjoyed it. The ending actually caught me off-guard too! cant wait for Nightmare Mode!


This game scared THE SH!T out of me 😂 I was able to beat this after a very long time (because I suck at video games) so I hope you enjoy!

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While I enjoyed the game it appears to be riddled with bugs. On one playthrough f.e. I managed to get stuck in place and couldn't do anything anymore and had let myself get killed. The prompt to give something to Saiko also rarely appeares, if it does at all.

I liked the original Saiko No Sutoka game very much but I find hard to recommend this game in its current state.

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I really love this horror series. It gives me the chills every time I watch it, but it's also very fun to watch others play. 😁

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