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Saiko no Sutoka Halloween Edition is a spin-off of the original game Saiko no Sutoka, in which Saiko is a zombie anime girl who wants to play with her senpai and player, with the senpai needing to complete her parts and give her food to satisfy her hunger while also assisting her in defeating Yui so you as a player can escape.

There are three modes in total, with varying levels of difficulty. 

Easy mode  

Saiko gets hungry a lot slower, and you can spend time alone with her without getting ambushed by Yui. You can trigger Yui by clicking the main exit door once. 

Normal mode 

The intended game play would be as follows: Saiko normally starts out dead, and you must revive her. Yui is always nearby, so keep an eye out for her as she can ambush and kill either the player or Saiko. 

Hard mode 

Saiko has already been resurrected and is actively hungry and seeking meat, including player and yui.


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Fantastic update! Cant wait to see more

Good update. Really funny. 

It keeps on sending me to google play store



Menuda aventura tan impresionante  :3 Thank!

very scary, i like it 

this lowkey kinda scay wtf


Played this one before, it was definitely hard af. Premise of the game is not something to be proud of though, the senpai in the game is more of a bitchpai.

Hello. Please tell me when the new version of the game Saiko no sutoka will be released?

Me encantooo! :D

Es cine 馃毈

Hey can you pls make a new update V1.0.3 of Saink No Sutoka Halloween Edition new updates, Is like Extra Button hotel, blood moon forset, & Daytime/Nighttime buttion On Mobile PC pls??????!!!!!

Hi will you also release this one on steam??

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Yes, it's will. SteamLink


Good game, I've played OG before, this one is good too

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Deleted 304 days ago
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Deleted 304 days ago
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bruh take your weird ass on somewhere in fact kill yourself.  pitiful af.. never say that cringe shit again furry faggot


W game

Scary game, saiko no Sutoka Halloween gameplay 

love this game
(1 edit) (+1)

J aime troooop!!!!

La fin est si triste....

Hahah , j'ai h芒te de voir la suite du d茅veloppement du jeu.


Vivement des petites nouveaut茅s =)


there is a new version of saiko no sutoka for android comes out 2.18 game is capable of being played for free after 2 days but it is something that nobody knows


I was confused at the start but I got the hang of things later on.


The Game Was Great And The Ending Was So Nice.


Was There Anymore Endings



Hey there! From my experience this game played pretty well and was fun. Loved having an undead Yandere protecting me from another live Yandere XD. However, their are game breaking bugs such as an area at the 6:00 minute mark where you just fall off the map.




i record this video like 4 to 5 weeks ago and edited it the same day i recorded but i never had the time to upload it until now, i didn't even have the time to make a thumbnail, but the video is just me testing or checking out the game and i think o ran into bags well playing it if you read the video title then you will understand(i don't know when i'll make another video on this mode cuz my webcam is died now so......)


This was amazing please make a Christmas edition 

Always been fan of this series. Can't wait for more updates


loved it

Great Game Habupain! 

Found the android version the other day xD it was fun

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there was a lot of bugs, and I mean a lot.. saiko got stuck behind a tree, and rui kept trying to get her.. which kinda also bugged her out. :/ 
when one of the 2-4 times saiko got stabbed by rui, i couldnt feed her anything so i had to restart around 5 times. ... so i'm gonna watch a gameplay of this ^_^

Great Game!

Nice game !


Shes a PSYCHO!

Let's see. :)

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